Quilt Gallery

The world out there in which we (have to) live every day is usually way too loud, too hectic, the colors far too intense. This increasingly overwhelms my senses. I long for peace, tranquility, and also a certain ease of mind at least in my own home. “Less is more”, once the artistic motto of architect and Bauhaus director Mies van der Rohe in the 1920s, is more relevant today than ever when it comes to the interior design of one’s own four walls. The focus of my work is therefore on meticulously handcrafted individual textile home accessories and decorative pieces made of high-quality natural materials such as linen and cotton in muted colors that create a feeling of warmth, harmony and coziness.

During my frequent international journeys, I have noticed that every region has its very own color palette, which is mainly characterized by the people and their cultural approach to colors, but is also always strongly influenced by the landscapes in which they live. These multifaceted impressions all reflect in my textile works:

Los Colorados

The landscapes of the Andean region in Argentina with impressive multicolored mountain ranges and vast barren plains and salt deserts on the one hand and on the other the patterns of the hand-crafted Aguayo weaves and the traditional symbols of the Andean natives are an endless source of inspiration for my textile home accessories in earthy grays with bold color accents. All my ethnic designs are a textile symbiosis of contrasting elements: The rustic and elegant mix of materials, minimalism and surprising details, folklore and local flavor – but without kitsch.

Los Colorados Quilt Gallery

Café del Sur

White sandy beaches, picturesque rocky coves, turquoise-blue waters, the sound of the waves, salty air and bright sunshine.

A walk through narrow old town streets, past the fish market, a few tapas on the go, a glass of sherry in the small beach cafe at sunset.

In 2022, I want to capture the easy way of life in southern Europe in my textiles…

Café del Sur Quilt Gallery


Scandinavian design fascinates me because of its perfect balance between minimalism and coziness. The color palette is reduced; you will find strong contrasts in black and white, abstract geometric patterns in various shades of grey, as well as warm, muted natural earthy hues with occasional color accents. The focus is always on high-quality natural materials, abstract, timeless patterns and meticulous craftsmanship. Scandinavian design stands for sustainability and functionality in close proximity to nature; it radiates harmony, warmth and tranquility and brings a sense of airiness and coziness into the home. 

Scandi Quilt Gallery

Wabi Sabi

I also like the Japandi style, a creative liaison of Japanese and Scandinavian design elements. In line with the Buddhist motto Wabi-Sabi (less is more), it concentrates on the essentials, even and especially if this is somewhat imperfect, has a more austere aesthetic, is more refined, more filigree, more minimalist, and uses colorful accents only in a very restrained way.

Wabi Sabi Quilt Gallery


My great passion for the minimalist and straightforward design concepts of the famous Bauhaus School is often present in my textile works. The core of the revolutionary Bauhaus philosophy was to unite art and craft from different disciplines in a lively school of ideas and make it accessible to everyone – including women, which was by no means a matter of course around 1919.

When I’m out and about in a city, I come across geometric shapes and abstract motifs everywhere. I am particularly interested in urban architecture, the details of modern structures and façades of glass, concrete and steel, the three-dimensional perspectives of windows, doors, staircases and walls and the play of light reflections and shadows in the urban canyons of smaller and major cities around the globe.

Bauhaus Quilt Gallery


For children things should be colorful, bright and friendly, but please not kitschy. That’s why I use a neutral linen-cotton blend as natural background for my “Bambini” collection and play with abstract geometric patterns in crisp colors. This way I create very modern, minimalistic quilts and pillows that can accompany your children for a long time, even beyond their infancy.

Bambini Quilt Gallery